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August 12, 2022

How to add Fido, Fluffy, or Nemo to the family budget

One of the trends that happened over the last couple of years has been the addition of a pet or multiple pets to the household. They bring such enjoyment for everyone along with their own set of expenses. Perhaps your children are asking for a pet or you find working from home now gives you the time to transition a pet into your daily life.

In order to transition a pet successfully without upsetting the household spending, it’s important to realize various costs associated with Fido, Fluffy, and even Nemo. In the case of a dog or cat, whether adopting a rescue or purchasing from a reliable breeder, the cost can range from a few hundred to thousands.

When the thoughts begin swirling let’s begin with the basics:

  1. What type of pet do you want? A dog, cat, fish, hamster, reptiles, etc.
  2. If a dog or cat, what breed(s) are good for your family situation?
  3. Do I want to contact an animal shelter, rescue group, or reputable breeder?
  4. Research the various options and costs for your preferences. When you are working with a shelter or rescue group the upfront cost can be much less than a breeder.

Let’s begin by adding basic expenses to your monthly spending plan. Just as you budget for the weekly grocery trip you will budget for your pet in the same way.

Basic expenses, to begin with, will be food and treats (lots of treats), toys, a collar, a leash, a litter box, and even where they will sleep each night. Will you need a crate, doorway gate, or a soft bed will be their evening routine.

Are you a walker or runner? If you plan on having your pet accompany you, remember to add poo bags or a different collar/harness to the shopping list. On the flip side if you’re getting a puppy or kitten include supplies for in-home accidents. Prepare now with cleaning supplies and extra chew toys so you’re not caught off guard. While you’re in the training phase there WILL be accidents.

I’ll be back with part 2 in the next post.

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