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July 29, 2022

I want to go to Disney and take the entire family!

This year the airline industry has been crazy busy with all of us wanting to travel now that the world has opened back up. We want to go and experience it as so do our children. Unfortunately, the cost is higher and the entire travel experience has been challenging for many, to say the least.
Recently I challenged my clients to “cash flow” a Disney trip they decided to book about 6 weeks away for all five family members. 😲  In full disclosure, the last time I went to Disney was Disneyland in California in the late ’80s and things have changed. Disney World and Epcot are an entirely new cost-planning experience for this coach.
At our regular session, the conversation went sort of like this after they told me their plans.
My response: you guys have made great progress and if we start now you may be able to cash flow the trip in full. It will be close but I think you can do it.
His response: it’s not possible, besides I’m not comfortable using all the cash and would rather put it on a credit card.
My response: let’s start by putting together a plan, fine-tune your actual costs, and see what happens.
As their financial coach, they want me to hold their feet to the fire most days, and this was one of those days. However, the mindset and thoughts surrounding such a financial commitment are scary as *&$%*(! and often get in our way.
No matter how much we succeed with our money there’s a little voice in the background that tells us, “use the credit card and figure it out later”. The truth is, letting go of a large amount of money to pay for a vacation, an automobile, and even an emergency, we feel it. Much like going to the gym and feeling the burn when the muscles are pushed out of their comfort level, we feel the burn of paying in cash. Even $100 handed over cash versus swiping a card feels different.
These clients have paid off an incredible amount of debt in 4 months and going backward is not an option. It is all about options, For them and when I do my job correctly I give them options, possible outcomes, and help them see long-term.
What was the outcome you wonder?
So far – airline tickets, multi-day Disney park passes, hotel rooms and a few vacation clothes for the kids have all been PAID IN FULL WITH CASH! No credit cards were used. I’m so proud of their commitment and circumstances revolving around the planning and research they did. It may take a little extra work but it can be done.
Working with a coach can help you realize your dreams and have a plan to get there. Whether your plan is going to Disney, buying your first home, or sending your children to the best college, with a plan you are completely capable of having the life you want.
As I say, “Design the life you want”.  Let’s talk about yours. My calendar is open and I would love to help you plan the “dream” and not go broke in the meantime.
Your money coach,

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