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January 14, 2022

3 Tips to changing our money beliefs

Welcome to January! Are you working on making positive changes like many of us? Personally, the last half of 2021 was tough with the passing of 2 family members within 4 months and growing my business. I learned a valuable lesson about keeping too much on my plate while navigating each day. The first tip, it’s okay and needed to SLOW down, breathe, and remove the clutter we can delay or delete. Give yourself time to readjust. I kept going and some of the old beliefs reappeared. They do that when we’re the most tired. 

That means we’re going to begin tackling those debilitating money beliefs. How many times do we repeat verbally and silently, “I’ll never be out of debt”, “I’m always broke”, “I’m not smart enough”, and more? As women, we’re to have all the answers, a perfectly clean home, and bake a beautiful cake for our children’s birthday. But….it doesn’t always look Pinterest perfect. We let ourselves down, believe the lies, feel frustrated or worse shame.

Ladies, do you realize your money beliefs spill over to every area of your life? Relationships, self-worth, career decisions, health, and even our physical home take a hit. 

Whether it comes down to uninformed or not-so-smart decisions in the past your mindset is important. After a divorce and bankruptcy, my mindset was a hot mess!! Making changes required really digging deep into the beliefs surrounding money and worthiness. There were years of limiting beliefs that needed unwiring. This week on the social media pages I have a video showing you how I defaced a $1 bill in order to begin shifting those beliefs. I challenge you to do the same exercise.

Financial matters should not scare you, but they are intimidating. Accept the challenge to learn more and do it even when it feels scary. Money problems are the worst! You want better and *^$(# it, let’s figure it out for your situation!

Instead of saying, “I’ll never….”, let’s repeat daily, “I am grateful for the past mistakes I have learned from and am beginning a new relationship with my money”! or “I am blessed with excellent health, wealth, and love”!

Click to request via email the $1 bill video challenge and the affirmation list for money and positivity in case you missed it. You’re welcome to share with your friends and family.  ⁠

When you find yourself standing in line at the supermarket or big box store, repeat to yourself!⁠

I Am Worth It! Because you are.

I help women build a budget and understand the value of planning where your money goes before you spend it. Schedule your session at this and let’s begin to lessen the worry and doubt in your life today!

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