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September 24, 2021

Building your Legacy Box begins Monday!

Happy Friday and a nice weather change for us in south Texas with low humidity! We’re in heaven. Over the course of the summer, I decided to create and launch this series for us to compile and build our Legacy Box together. Beginning Monday, 9/27 on my Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn business pages each day we will work on this in bite-size pieces. We will work on this through early November in order to not be overwhelmed with extra catch-up time built in.
Join in each day in a step-by-step series designed to bring us peace of mind when “life” happens.
Your box will serve many jobs but the two most important are:
☔ To grab and go in the case of severe weather, power outages, and home emergency.
😷 For your loved ones to find all the necessary information to help in case of a medical emergency or loss.
Your SHOPPING list:
1) Fireproof/waterproof home safe (check deals at Amazon, Office Max, and Wal Mart)
2) File folders (at least 20, depending on family size) or 2″ three-ring binder & less folders
3) Printer and paper
4) Sharpie or an optional Label maker
5) 2 Sheet Protectors
In speaking with an estate planning attorney in my professional network she mentioned Fireproof envelopes or bags as additional options. While online I found a nice large Fireproof bag with lots of space for my binder and file folders. It is rated at 2300 degrees Fahrenheit and is water-resistant. Not waterproof but water-resistant. I found this to be a great option for me and with the lighter weight I can grab it and my laptop to have all the information I may need. I show you the bag in the launch video for Day 1.
During this time I’ll build mine along with you and share tips I’ve received from experts such as an estate-planning attorney, tax information, and much more. This will be a wonderful blessing to your family and to yourself once it’s completed. What a great way to be organized, learn more about your finances and check that item off the “to do” list for 2021.
Be sure to follow along on your favorite social media platform for all the information, comments, and accountability. I can be found @roxannefinancialcoach on Facebook and also Instagram.
Are you ready?!!? Is there an item, in particular, you want to make sure I include? Let’s begin building!
Your Money Coach,

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