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June 4, 2021

I think I can….I think I can….I KNOW I CAN!

Freebie Friday for you on this week’s Blog!⁠

Throughout the week we’ve tackled the money mindset and shame we carry around like a backpack full of bricks! With each added brick we become more stooped over and weak. This was a great analogy I heard about how each time we take on a burden whether physical or emotional it’s as though we add another brick. Think about it for a minute. Are you beyond stressed and depressed over your money situation? ⁠

Whether it comes down to uninformed or not-so-smart decisions in the past your mindset is as important. After a divorce and bankruptcy, my mindset was a hot mess!! Making changes required really digging deep into the beliefs surrounding money and worthiness. There were years of limiting beliefs that needed unwiring.

Financial matters should not scare you. Take on the challenge to learn more and do it scared. Money problems are the worst! When we allow it to affect our health and relationships it’s as though we continue adding those bricks to the backpack. You want better and damn it, let’s figure it out for your situation!

Today I love being a solopreneur helping other women, especially divorced women stop functioning in chaos and redesign the life you want!

If you like repeating positive statements click the link for a free Affirmation list for money and positivity. It will take you to the website landing page, right-click the affirmation list and print it to your computer. ⁠

Or better yet save it to your phone’s gallery and the next time you’re standing in line at HEB repeat them to yourself!⁠ I Am Worth It!

Self-care, education, and commitment are key so what are you waiting for. Schedule a Q&A with me at this and let’s start pulling bricks out and lessen the stress in your life today!

Your Money Coach,


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