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May 7, 2021

I have declared “May as Messy Action Money Month”

Welcome to May and all the messiness we’re going to tackle, together! 🥴⁠ ⁠ Messy action is taking a step forward even when you’re not sure it’s the right or perfect one – or you feel like an imposter while doing it. ⁠

Sound familiar? 🙄⁠ ⁠ Taking steps forward through imperfect, messy action is not something you probably expected to hear from me in regards to our money.⁠ ⁠ Often times I’m reminded when I take a step forward without all the planning I learn not only what to do but as important, what NOT to do.⁠

This week we’re beginning with “Forget about the Jones’s!!! No, really…forget about them”.⁠

One of the biggest time savers I can give you, especially around money is “stop comparing”.⁠ It’s one of those traits we know we shouldn’t but we do it almost daily. It creeps in with subtle comparison but can escalate quickly.

My income and expenses are different from yours. Yours is different from your best girlfriend or sister. While I may want the same cute blouse, she may have overextended the credit card and isn’t enjoying it half as much as we think.⁠ Her money story will not look like yours. The sleepless nights may be worse. Our stories are all different and if we aren’t mindful of this it becomes full of regrets and shame.

Let’s be successful together and write the story we want for ourselves and our family. Each day we have the power to decide where and how to spend and save based on our numbers. The closer we operate within this parameter the closer we are to Financial Flexibility!! ⁠

So instead of that specific blouse let’s look at “our” options and make a decision based on our circumstances. Not someone else’s.⁠

Do you sometimes get all caught up in the emotions of spending and then have buyer’s remorse? Set a 24-hour rule and reach out to an accountability partner to talk it through. My self-imposed limit is $300 and when I’m operating on the emotional side I force myself to wait. Money Coaches are great for this, message or call me! I don’t mind being used as someone’s excuse!

Happy Mother’s Day to the beautiful and amazing women who I work with and know! Be blessed and safe this weekend.

Your Money Coach,



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