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August 14, 2020

Bankrupt + Repo = Debt Freedom!

Each morning 6 days a week started with a pot of coffee, lights turned on and the creativity was unleashed! Pulling color combinations, cutting long wooden sticks and designing around sometimes valuable pieces of art. It was heaven on earth, in my mind. Have you guessed my previous career yet?

I was the owner of an art gallery and custom picture framer. What began in a spare bedroom and weekend art shows turned into an award winning, Texas artist representing full fledged gallery. Those were fun days and for over 20 years I lived, eat, and breathed everything framing. Many clients became friends and still are to this day. I was honored to frame and be part of their family memories. One year the highlight was the involvement for the Cattle Baron’s Ball when we accomplished a feat no one else had done. The gallery as a collective group donated a dollar amount to put us in sponsorship level. What?? Together we donated product, services, and loved every minute.

Why am I going down memory lane this week? To set the stage for what was happening behind the scenes. The area no one sees, except maybe your closest friend or family member. Maybe. After an unforseen divorce, a few months away from losing my home, a repossession for a car I NEVER should have purchased, and eventually filing bankruptcy it was something only known by maybe 6 people. Why am I telling you about a time of embarrassment and shame in my life? It is the Why in my story to becoming a Financial Coach.

Ashamed and embarrassed to talk about it with others because we’re not perfect is not the way to live. Asking for help or guidance only to be told there really is not much to be done so you should give up. I mean really, is this advice you would give your daughter or son? Give up because of past mistakes. Absolutely not! You sit down with all the facts and figure the best course of action.

Welcome to my world of coaching. When I tell you I know what it feels like and stood in your shoes, I have. Are you behind on payments, maybe even your home and wonder how will I ever get out of the mess I’m in? Sometimes when the chaos surrounds us it’s difficult to imagine any other way of living. It takes time to come up with a plan and work the process for your situation to come out on the other side not only in the battle but the war. There may be a few scars along the way but the #! promise I can make to you, “It is SO worth it” and “You can do it”. Guiding, teaching and more importantly empowering you to make those money decisions gives you confidence to tackle anything. Becoming debt free, saving for your future, and having an established emergency fund brings you an inner peace and awareness, you’ll never go back to be broke again!

Recently I posted this on my Instagram business page (@roxannefinancialcoach) asking “who and what is the woman you want to be”? I will never forget the struggles I hid from almost everyone. The silver lining are the lessons I learned along with money management classes, the financial coach classes and now continuing education I bring to you.

Ladies, tell me about the woman you want to be by clicking on the IG graphic. My goal is to collect our answers, dreams, and goals to publish them as a self-reminder.

Also, think about your situation if you find yourself with more questions than answers right now. The link entitlted, “Ask Roxanne” will come straight to me, no one else sees it. Ask me today and stop feeling you’re alone! I’ll reach out and we’ll have a chat over coffee or if it’s after 5, a glass of wine!

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