Roxanne Langley ~ Money Coach

June 5, 2020

Your First Budget is like your first kiss…..disaster!!

Did you have a flashback to an awkward and embarrassing moment you would rather forget? The fact is, once the awkwardness went away and you tried again, it was better. Maybe not perfect, but better and you tried yet again.

So what in the world am I doing comparing first kisses to budgeting?!? Have I stayed home too long with the pandemic? 🙂 Perhaps so. Creating your first budget aka spending plan is awkward and embarrassing if you showed it to anyone else. Except your Money Coach and I promise not to remind you it’s difficult to figure out just the right tilt of the head, lol!

Now that I have your attention and smiling! Your first budget is a guess and you start exactly where you are at this very moment. That’s it in a nutshell. You thought you could only spend $200 this month for grocieries, hmnnn well maybe not. Or your mechanic told you the tires are smoother than his freshly shaved head. Frustrating! Since you didn’t even think about them.

It’s not the end so don’t give up or give in to doubt. Roll with the punches or your eyes and cover the overspending with dollars from another category. A budget really is simply a “spending plan” and is only as good as the information you enter in to it. At the beginning of the month, you didn’t know the car needed new tires, now you do. Adjust your plan this week and keep going. Remember, practice makes perfect.

I’ve been making a monthly budget every month for almost 9 years now and while it has become second nature there are still items that sneak up on me. Didn’t I just renew the Amazan Prime membership?? Adjust and cover the extra expense and move on. You gain confidence in your financial decisions every month! YOU got this! Now shall we talk about the head tilt now?!!

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