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May 25, 2020

7 Questions To Ask Immediately After A Lay Off

Even in the best of times we hope it never happens to us. Currently the United States has an all time high in the unemployment numbers and slowly as the country re-opens the numbers will reduce. However, if you find yourself in this predicament these are the top 7 questions you need to ask immediately.

  1. When will I receive my last paycheck and will I be paid for my unused vacation time?
  2. Will I receive a severance package?
  3. How long will I have to exercise my stock options? (If applicable in your situation)
  4. How long will I keep my health insurance?
  5. How can I receive a copy of my performance reviews?
  6. What will happen to my 401K?
  7. Will you provide a referance for me?

During this unplanned downtime have your resume professionally written as you begin putting your best foot forward. Use the Proximity Principle reaching out to all your friends and family members. Who do they know that may know someone or work in your industry? You’re not the only one in this situation and it may take a bit longer than normal to get back to work. In the meantime, sign up for your unemployment benefits, register on LinkedIn / Indeed and Zip Recruiter. Then reach out for at least part-time work and keep working the Proximity Principle every day.

Email me with any questions you may have whether it’s unemployment or your budget adjustments. I can be reached at

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